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The history of the SNT is the history of the challenge

The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

Research Development

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Thermal Design
Since we developed a basic program for the steam air heater with our own technology in 1983, all products manufactured by our company is designed by our unique computer program. The program for air cooled heat exchanger and thermal designs made by a French company is now added on SNT s designing knowhow to realize the best designing size. It s updated continuously. We use VALI, the CMI-developed computer program for vertical HRSG(Heat Recovery Steam Generator) engineering.
Mechanical Design
Our production design team is in charge of basic and detailed design including strength calculation and weight calculation of steel structure for all manufactured products. These designing programs thoroughly reflect the demands of our major clients and what designing specification and API 661 demands. These programs are continuously updated.
Auto-cad and 3D simulation
All of our design drawings for the manufacture are operated and examined by the auto-cad program and the 3D program. To make the best of products, they are continuously updated to the latest versions.

Research Market friendly R&D and maximizing marketing engineering efficiency

Design and Interpretation - 3D MODELLING

  • - HRSG Completed Installation

  • - HRSG Delivery Condition (Super Module Type)

  • - Surface Condenser

  • - Surface Condenser

  • - Condenser Full Model Structure Interpretation

  • - HRSG Design Life Report

  • Test Equipment
    - Thermal bonding test equipment