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The history of the SNT is the history of the challenge

The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

Ethics Management

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step01Ethical management

Through our fair trade, win-win cooperation and transparent management, we practice ethical management by fulfilling corporate social responsibilities by preventing unethical business conduct and corruption in business relations.

  • Ethical Management with Members
    Observing work discipline
    Prohibition of non-ethical behavior and
    sexual harassment
    Prohibition of receiving gift·money and treat
    Observing regulations to protect company’s
    property and information
  • Ethical Management with
    Cooperative Companies/Customers
    Expanding business ethics and celebration
    and condolences
    Prohibition of receiving gift · money, treat,
    and sponsorship
    Selecting cooperative companies and
    observing fair trade
    Prohibition of participating in share
    and investment
    Prohibition of money transaction
  • Ethical Management with
    people concerned
    Asking for outside lectures
    Observing business ethics for
    people concerned
    Details not listed in the guideline