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Heat Recovery
Steam Generator

The Leader of
Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

H.R.S.G. The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

Home Business Area H.R.S.G.

Heat Recovery Steam Generator

  • CCPPs (Combined Cycle Power Plants) use LNG as the primary fuel. The CCPP is an eco-friendly power generating type that enables the efficient two-stage power generation by operating steam turbines with operation of gas turbines of the existing thermal power plant and use of the hot waste gas from the gas turbines.
  • The waste heat recovery generator, a facility that generates steam necessary for generation of steam turbines with use of the waste heat, is substantially affected in quality by the know-hows in the quality, design and manufacturing of the high frequency finned tubes.
  • Changwon Factory, the main factory of SNT and world largest H.R.S.G. manufacturing factory, is designed to manufacture the high frequency finned tubes and the H.R.S.G. modules in serials, and thus enjoys the excellent cost and time reduction effects.
  • Annual Manufacturing Capacity : 3640 panels

3D Modelling

  • Recirculation Pump

  • Blow Down Tank

  • Main Fuel Skid


Vertical Type (Belgium, CMI )
Horizontal Type (USA, Hamon Deltak)
Main export markets
USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia 등

Production Capacity
More than 24 Unit each year

Main Orders
(Jungbu Plant) Incheon combined cycle
(CMI) Sousse, Shoaiba, AmercourⅡ
(Vogt) Chana, Termozulia, Parnaiba, Channel, Deer Park, Tuaspring
(SECL) Cogen
(KEPCO E&C) Takoradi T2
(GE) Ichthys
(Foster Wheeler) Stalowa
Solar Energy Pannel : Riley Power