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Selective Catalyic
Reduction System

The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

S.C.R System The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

Home Business Area S.C.R System

NOx, SOx, Dust Cleaning Technology

  • Air polluting materials such as NOx, dioxin, SOx, dust and VOC, exhausted from boilers and vehicles that burn fossil fuels and convert them into energy, are exposed to the air, and give seriously harm effects to the ecosystem of the mankind, animals and plants.
  • The denitrification facility eliminates the NOx materials, generated from combustion of nitrogen component in fuels and air. Because improvement of the combustion conditions has a technical limitation in the reduction efficiency and it requires additional treatment facilities after combustion, the most reliable selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system occupies most of the NOx materials elimination markets.
  • The desulfurization facility eliminates the SOx materials, generated by reaction between the sulfate components and the oxygen in process of combustion of fuels. It is obligatory to install desulfurization facilities for large-scaled power plants and incineration facilities in Korea and other overseas countries. Installation of desulfurization facilities for the medium-sized boilers has not been active, but the facilities have an infinite marketing potential in the future owing to localization of the relevant technology and the economical prices.

Design : Honam Thermoelectric DeNox and Ammonia Building Air View

  • ㆍHonam Thermoelectric two 250MW
    ㆍHonam Thermoelectric Ammonia facility for DeNox facility


< SCR System >

< SCR Reactor and Duct >

  • Own technology and design ability for process and system.
  • High De-NOx efficiency
  • Low ammonia slip
  • Low conversion rate of SO2 to SO3
  • Low pressure drop
  • Design for even distribution of flue gas
  • Easy loading and replace of catalyst
  • Optimum design
  • Duct and reactor reinforced to minimize deflection
  • Design guide vane to well distribution of flue gas and low pressure drop at duct and reactor

Ammonia Facility Design Features

< Ammonia Storage and Handling System >

  • Efficient arrangement of facilities
  • Abundant experience of ammonia storage and handling system
  • Design and manufacturing ability
  • Design ability all kinds of reagent storage and handling system
  • Design and manufacturing under control of very specialist in field of high pressure gas
  • Design for safe operation and easy maintenance
  • All safety equipment for safe operation
  • Skid design for easy installation
  • 3D Modeling design to avoid interference

De-Nox System

  • Facility to reduce Nox, the harmful exhaust created by plants and steel mills
  • Business operated targeting Korean Thermoelectric plants. Order from Korea Electric Power Corporation(Seobu Branch) in April 2005 to construct Taean 1~6(500Mw) DeNox facility and successfully completed.(Date: 07.6.30)
  • Order by Dongseo Branch in May 2009 to construct Honam 1~2 DeNox facility and successfully completed.
  • Daerim Industry Taean #9, #10(Korea), Thai Binh Ⅱ(abroad)
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