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Air Cooled Heat Exchager

The Leader of
Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

Air Cooler The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

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Air Cooled Heat Exchanger / Air Fin Cooler

The air cooler is essentially used for petrochemical plants, oil refining plants, power plants and other industrial plants.

The existing water-cooled heat exchangers, a simple cooling type using water, have disadvantages of corrosion and harmful effects to the environment such as the sea water warming since they normally use the seawater.

In a desert area such as the Middle East, the world-biggest oil deposit area, it is hard to use a water-cooled heat exchanger as there is an absolute shortage of the industrial water.
SNT's air cooled heat exchangers, adopting an advanced type of using air, have no burden of water supply and prevent destruction of the ecosystem.

Through continuous R&D based on the advanced technologies and production of small and efficient products with long-experienced know-how, SNT has gained the expanded recognition and widened its market share in the global market.

SNT has the annual production capacity of more than 3,000 bundles of the air coolers.

Air Cooler planar figure

forced_assembly forced_assembly


Main export markets
Mid-east Asia, South-east Asia, North America, Russia, Africa, Mid and South America, Oceania, Central Asia, etc.
Main Competitors
GEA-BTT(France), Hudson(USA)

Production Capacity
More than 3,000 Bundles each year

Main Orders
Gorgon (KJVG), Yanbu (TR,DIC,SK), Shah (Saipem), Wasit (SK), South Yoloten (Petrofac), Wheatstone(Bechtel), Ichtys (JKC), EGC (Dolphin) Banyu (SECL), Aromatics 2 (SECL), SKI V (POSCO ENG), ERC Refinery (GS E&C), UHV Project (GS E&C), SRDC Ⅱ (L&T), VGO (TR)