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The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

H/R System The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

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Features of SNT Personnel System
SNT pursues the personnel system based on the capabilities only without any blood relationship, territorial relationship or academic relationship.
Position Class System
The position class system for the regular employees is as follows and is the standard for estimating the title of a new employee who joins the company as a career employee.
- The position class system shall be applied to the entire employees regardless of the job title and category.

  • Staff

  • Assistant

  • Manager
  • Deputy

  • General
Education & Training System
Educational Support through Associations and Institutes
Wage System
SNT maintains the highest wage level in the industry to hire talented persons and to improve the quality of employees' lives.
Office Workers : Annual Salary System + Special Bonus α
Production Workers : 760% of Basic Bonus + Special Bonus α