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A company beneficial to the world
through management

The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

Fringe Benefits The Leader of Generator/Petrochemistry Plant

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We will do our best to realize the SNT philosophy
"Prosperity of Country and Mankind by Prosperity of Company"

Health Management
- General medical examination,
special medical examination – once a year,
expense support for general medical examination
- Lunge and shower booth
- Table tennis room, fitness room, etc.
Child Schooling Expense and Education Support
- Schooling expense for kindergarten, middle school,
high school, congratulatory money for university and
partial support for admission fee
- English camp during vacation and study abroad for
employee’s children
Life Stabilization
- Vacation bonus, national holiday bonus
- Souvenir for the New Year’s Day, Chuseok, Worker’s Day
- Wreath for congratulations and condolences to
employee/family, mutual aid team
- Summer vacation resort
- Track meeting and picnic
- Supporting club activities, support expenses for
self-development and circle activities
- Commuting bus
- Company restaurant